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Dr. Bridget Tsao, O.D.

Dr. Bridget Tsao grew up in Dobbs Ferry, a small town in the suburbs of Westchester County, New York.

She recieved an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Occidental College and her Doctor of Optometry degree from Pennsylvania College.

Dr. Tsao served an externship at the William Feinbloom Center of the Eye Institute of Philadelphia. There she worked with the latest developments in low vision aids which are used to help patients suffering from macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and other visually threatening diseases.

She completed a pathology externship at the Silas B. Haayes Hospital in Fort Ord as well as a rotation in pediatric vision therapy. She was also involved in a special research project that contributed to the development of new contact lens materials. Fortunately for her, this took place in Hawaii!

Dr. Tsao enjoys tennis (a lot), golf (marginally), and playing the piano. She was a long time member of the Children's Home Society and is currently a Board member for the Ojai Educational Foundation. Mostly she is a mom of her son Bryan and daughter Carly.